Hungarian National Trading House in Budapest, Partner of the Interreg SKHU EYES project organised its interactive training focusing on the usefulness of international marketing for expanding abroad on 10th October, 2018.


International marketing is the application of marketing principles in more than one country, by companies overseas or across national borders. International marketing is based on an extension of a company’s local marketing strategy, with special attention paid to marketing identification, targeting, and decisions internationally.

As technology creates leaps in communication, transportation, and financial flows, the world continues to feel smaller and smaller. It is possible for companies and consumers to conduct business in almost any country around the world thanks to advances in international trade.

However, globalization has created just as many challenges as opportunities for brands that venture overseas. As consumers have so many more options for similar products, companies must ensure that their products are high in quality and affordability. Additionally, these products cannot be marketed identically across the globe.

In this event, the Absolvo Consulting expert Iván Gyurácz Németh explained how to best prepare for international marketing when traveling abroad.

The following themes were discussed:

  • International Marketing- introduction
  • Basics of go-to –market strategy
  • Market research –how to make it most effective
  • Sales and marketing channels
  • Case Studies

The expert could also be available for one-on-one consultations after the presentation.

Iván Gyurácz Németh is Head of the Internationalisation and Business Development Department of Absolvo. Iván’s key areas of expertise are strategic and international marketing, with a strong focus on the internationalisation of companies. He advises companies in developing their go-to-market strategies on a daily basis and takes part in the actual implementation in a hands-on manner. Generating new customer leads, building up sales processes and structures for startups or participating in the international sales of a scaleup are all integral parts of his job.

Iván is a Board Member of the Hungarian Foreign Trade Association. He is also an experienced trainer, regularly holding presentations both in Hungarian and in English on the subjects of international marketing, sales & business development and the internationalization of SMEs.

He is a lecturer of international marketing at the Metropolitan University’s Strategic Marketing Executive MBA course.