Budapest Enterprise Agency, Partner of the Interreg SKHU EYES project organised its interactive training for startups on pitching investors on 22nd November, 2018.

During the workshop our expert explained how a corporate innovation venture pitch differs from a startup pitch and what the difference between the high concept pitch, the elevator pitch and the pitch deck is. Each participating team worked on its pitch and as a result they eached presented their pitch for 3 minutes and later for 5 minutes. The workshop was supported by peer discussions and reviews with improvement suggestions and individual consultation by the Masterclass Educator. In the end a winner of the best pitch was selected by means of crowd voting.

The following themes were discussed:


• What is pitching and why is it so important?
• What are VCs looking for?
• What are the different investor classes?
• What are the three different types of pitches and how are they connected?
• What are the key metrics / KPIs I need to know and track?
• What is the Pitch Deck and what do I need to show?
• Pitching tips & tricks

• Make us remember – What is your high-concept pitch?
• Make us understand – What problem are you solving and how are you solving it?
• Make us invest – Know your investors, Perfect your Give + Ask
• Create or improve your existing pitch deck
• Get expert feedback on the content of your deck
• Pitch your Deck and get expert and peer feedback

• Experience and learn how and when to use the different types of pitches
• Develop fundamental pitching skills to create and perform your pitches with confidence
• Understand what corporate stakeholders are looking for
• Create a credible pitch deck together with experienced expert(s)
• Master how to successfully pitch your startup

On his entrepreneurial startup journeys so far, he has had the fortune to pitch some of the most famous
and well-respected startup investors and tech journalists out there and he has been invited to pitch
publicly on stage around the world. It’s been a roller coaster ride that has taken him from the front page
of The New York Times, CNN and TechCrunch to helping other innovators succeed.
Because one of the things he learned from his Silicon Valley mentors is the importance of helping other
innovators. So he’s sharing his pitching secrets and experience to help you understand what investors are
looking for, master your pitch and successfully secure the support of stakeholders so you can move on to
the more important things of building a great product and growing your venture.
His presentations on startup entrepreneurship and pitching have been featured multiple times
internationally by e.g. LinkedIn SlideShare, and recently Germany’s largest business publication
“Wirtschafts Woche” named him one of the most important people in the German startup scene.
As an authority on pitching, he’s taught over 650 startups as a co-founder of the Rheinland Pitch,
Germany’s largest startup pitching event, and several hundreds of corporate innovators just like yours
with +ANDERSEN how to pitch successfully.
Some of the people he’s pitched in person include Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee, Investor), Don
Dodge(Microsoft, Google Ventures), Steve Blank (father of the Lean Startup, Angel Investor), Robert
Scoble (Tech Blogger Legend), Lori Greiner (Investor, Shark Tank), Yossi Vardi (Mensch, Legendary Israeli
Investor), Mike Butcher (Mr. TechCrunch Europe), Zach Klein (Founder Vimeo, Investor), Ben Parr (Ex
Mashable), Robin Wouters (TNW,, John Bradford (TechStars London), Daisuke Minamide
(Investor, NTT DoCoMo, CyberAgent Ventures), Lars Hinrichs (Founder XING, Investor), Christian Thaler
Wolsky (Investor, Wellington Partners, Paua Ventures), Christoph Janz (Mr. SaaS Metrics, Managing
Partner Point Nine Capital), Daniel Waterhouse (Partner, Balderton), Kurt Müller (Partner, Target
Partners), Philipp Möhring (SeedCamp, Angel List), Gilad Novik (Investor, Horizon Ventures) and many
Places he has pitched on stage include SxSW in Austin, London Web Summit, Le Web Paris, Tech Cocktail
Texas, C’n’B Cologne, Pirate Summit, Campus Party Berlin and Indie GoGo.

His 15 years of previous corporate experience (1996-2010) include successfully preparing and delivering
pitches to win multimillion contracts from global corporations, GOs and NGOs like The Royal Norwegian
Government, Statoil, Deutsche Telekom and Lufthansa to name a few.
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