Institute of Management of the Slovak University of Technology (IM STU) in Bratislava, Partner of the Interreg SKHU EYES project organised a workshop on why it is important to start building a brand and when to start with it, in co-operation with the IT Academy s.r.o. in Bratislava on 8th November, 2018.


Our invited expert Ms. Simona Kubán introduced entrepreneurial considerations on generic product versus a love brand. Building such a brand should be based on a long-term communication strategy of a start-up/company. Another challenge is the available (usually limited) amount of communication budget. How to cope with all these issues? The presentation was supported by case studies and references to the industry practice.

Topic: Why is it important to build a brand and when to start with it?

The following themes were discussed:

  • How to avoid having a generic product and build a love brand?
  • Are the purchase decisions based on rational or emotional benefits?
  • How to elaborate a long-term communication strategy and what are its musts?
  • What has Blogs in service of business


The trainer: Ms. Simona Kubán, CEO of the promotion agency SCR, on-line marketing expert, invited university lecturer


Ms. Simona Kubán has achieved two MS university degrees. She started buiding her career at the age of 16 working in the marketing department of a hotel.  Later she worked in the department of international purchasing with the Raiffeisen Bank and during her studies became a co-owner of an commodity export-import company doing business with Viet-nam and USA. She has a deep involvement in online marketing and gives regular lectures on these topics at the Slovak universities and also at the STU Incubator of Technology.