Institute of Management of the Slovak University of Technology (IM STU) in Bratislava, Partner of the Interreg SKHU EYES project organised its workshop on „Facebook as a multipurpose communication channel of brands” in co-operation with the IT Academy s.r.o. in Bratislava on 29th November, 2018


Our invited expert Mr. Thomas Svitok introduced the issues of promotion efficiency within the social media network Facebook. He focused on the promotion formats in Facebook, the possibilities of their targeting and key criteria of their evaluation. He also  explained the basics of remarketing. The presentation was supported by case studies and references to the industry practice.

Topic: Facebook as a multipurpose communication channel of brands

The following themes were discussed:

  • Why your company should not be absent from Facebook?
  • What are the well-known possibilities of promotion targeting and which are the most efficient ones?
  • What promotion formats are available on Facebook and what indicators make difference in their evaluation?
  • Basics of remarketing.


The trainer: Mr. Thomas Svitok from SCR Interactive promotion and technology agency.


Mr. Thomas Svitok is an on-line marketing expert. He has been working for the promotion agency SCR Interactive active in the fields of advertizing, digital marketing, design, technologies, business models and media. He is in charge of management of social media networks of clients and has already implemented more than 30 successful social media projects for clients such as Nike, Amundsen, OTP Bank, Protetika and many others.