Product demo: presentation of product functions or efficient way of client acquisition? – Workshop

In the beginning of February 2019 Mr Juraj Zamborský, head of the Sales and Business
Development im the company Kontentino s.r.o. presented his experience in product demos.
Kontentino offers a simple tool for presentation of product functions helping promotion
agencies to collaborate with her clients in creation of content for social networks more
efficiently. What is exactly a product demo? You may imagine it as a fast product (mostly
software) presentation, during which client may gain an idea of product functioning. Maybe it
is not quite clear, but it is the product demo that has the second most significant impact on the
result of a business campaign.

What are the most frequent mistakes in product demos made by companies?
1. Client with insufficient competence – this is a primary problem. The company must make
sure that it is communicating with a person with decision making competence and really
knows what he wants and needs as a client.
2. Companies are selling the demo instead of the product. It is the demo that should sell the
product, and not vice versa!
3. Companies confuse the demo show with a listener or customer training. However, the
point is to show the product value for solving a specific client problem.
4. Companies prepare too long demos, though it should not take more than 30 minutes.
5. Companies show all product functions. However, it is necessary for the company to know
what customer needs and what sort of problem he or she is trying to resolve. It is vital always
to personalize the product value for the specific customer!
6. Did you know, that the attention of your lead decreases during the product demo every ten
minutes? That is why a company should strive to bring to his attention only the most
important functions of a product for a client.

In the event was explained how to organize several product demos with the right potential
customers, how to set up structure of an efficient product demo or how to turn the close of
a demo to the advantage of a presenter and acquire more clients. We thank Juraj and all
participants for coming and believe that our collaboration with Juraj is not the final one and
we can together invent further inspiring events.