Hungarian Export Promotion Agency Non-profit Private Company Ltd, Partner of the Interreg SKHU EYES project organised its training for startups on global business communication skills on 28th February, 2019.

Communication is at the heart of international business. Nowadays, speaking English well is not enough to succeed globally, you have to be able to communicate effectively in everyday business situations. In many cases that can mean communicating in more persuasive, structured and diplomatic ways.

On the workshop participants got acquainted with some tools and practices to help them to design and implement their market entry strategy, tailor-made to the product/company/business idea. All topics were supported by examples and experience from real companies.

The following themes were discussed:

 SESSION I – Creating and delivering a great elevator pitch

  1. Elevator pitch introduction

– What is an elevator pitch and why do we need one?

  1. Preparing a great elevator pitch

– Preparing your objective statement

– Creating your elevator pitch mind map

– Presentation practice – summarise your elevator pitch mind map

  1. Delivering your pitch with IMPACT

– How to use your body when pitching

– Essential vocal communication skills

– Presentation practice – your elevator pitch


SESSION II – Succeeding in Global Negotiations

  1. Global Negotiations – Planning

– Anchor, Objectives, Position, Interests, Options, BATNA

  1. Persuasion

– Cialdini’s 6 principles of influence


 SESSION III – Intercultural skills

  1. Fundamental intercultural skills when working with different cultures

– Understanding your own frame of reference

– Considerations when greeting and meeting foreign partners

– Understanding and handling cultural differences



  1. Cultural considerations – getting to know the other side

– Using Hofstede’s dimension scores to assess the other side

– Collectivism v Individualism

– Low Power Distance v High Power Distance