Why is Google Analytics an important part of each web? – Workshop

Karol Voltemár from the online marketing agency madviso gave us in the workshop several
reasons infavour of Google Analytics. First what is Google Analytics in a nutshell. It is an
analytic tool provided Google for tracking and reporting movements of visitors of your web.
Google launched this service in 2005 and nowadays it is the most widespread and used
analytical service of Internet. It became a necessity for all modern webs not only for
evaluation of collected data but also for sales analysis and setting up of marketing strategy.

The fact that Analytics or GA, as this tool is referred to among its regular users is the key is
accepted also about fifty participants of this seminar. Next to students and startupers there
were sitting among audience also entrepreneurs and employees driven by the interest for
further progress in their projects. Analytics is an useful tool for each web indeed, whether it is
an e-shop or not, whether you need it for your education or for presentation of your company
or NGO. Analytics will give you a clue how your web does react, where come its visitors
from, what they read and how much time they spend on in your pages. You can also deduce
why they are leaving and can evaluate success rate of campaigns, follow the downloading
speed and many other valuable indicators.

What did it look like in the seminar?
Mr. Voltemár first gave some basic information on the Google Analytics and then talked
about the meaning of individual metrics, explaining step by step how to work with them. The
advantage was that he could complement the theory with online presentation in this tool so
that the audience could orientate and test the individual steps directly with outputs of their
own webs.

He devoted himself to the specific metrics and advised how to work with them. He stressed
the useful reports and showed where to find them and how to work with them not to get lost
among them and be able to interpret them correctly The participants also gain valuable advice
on how to retrieve from the Analytics relevant data on the web page status and reveal what is
the behaviour of users which is really interesting in the internet sales.

An important part of the comprehensive web analysis is to know the weaker spots and find
out where lies the loss of traffic. This should not be underestimated by any means. The quality
work with the Google Analytics data enables us to increase the web traffic and simplify for
visitors the way to purchase or any other desired conversion – leaving the e-mail address,
joining in in the contest or registering for newsletter.