HEPA Hungarian Export Promotion Agency in Budapest, Partner of the Interreg HUSK EYES project organised its interactive training focusing on identifying the key points of SME’s export challenges – 20th March, 2019

Whether we talk about export opportunities or other business issues or personal goals, sometimes we cannot see the gap between our aims and the ways or direction of our pursuits. Maybe because we ask the wrong questions, or our approach is unbefitting, and we should change our points of view. This training was just about that. On one hand, from a personal angle (viewpoints of owners and CEOs), and on the other hand, from a holistic perspective (SMEs as business organizations). In the first case we examined the harmony of business goals and personal resources (skills, competency, knowledge, attitude) in an associative and self-reflective way. In the second case analyzed own enterprises in the light of export goals, using the business model canvas. The main objective of the day was identifying those business and personal gaps which can makes it harder to reach own export goals.

The following topics were covered:
-Business model canvas – the 9 gap fields (A useful tool to identify the potential mistakes of export activities)
-Empathy map – partners instead of customers (How to see your export opportunities from a different angle?)
-Wear your six thinking hats! (Six approaches to analyze your export position)
The trainer was: Mr. Zsolt Király PhD