Smart Budapest Initiative


Smart Budapest Initiative is BEA’s strategic programme to connect political decision makers and representatives of the business sphere to realize Budapest’s smart city strategy. The Smart Budapest Initiative came to life after BEA held the Smart Budapest Idea Competition in 2021. Smart Budapest Idea Competition gathered more than a 100 competitors 12 were selected to pitch their urban innovation ideas in front of the political leaders and the company directors of the Municipality.


The Smart Budapest Community was founded with all of the participants of the Competition to create a networking and know-how exchange event series held every quarter where the decision makers of the public and private sector could meet. We had 3 closed and 1 open sessions and our Community counts 80 members today.

Smart Budapest Forum

Extending our program, in October 2022 we held our first Smart Budapest Forum, an annual smart city conference.

The main goal of the Smart Budapest Forum was to connect decision makers at the Municipality, representatives of the business sphere and those Hungarian and international experts, who can help realize Budapest’s smart city strategy.

Beside the presentation of international best practices the Forum gives the opportunity for people in key roles defining Budapest’s future to think together and partner up for Budapest’s development projects.

The conference hosted 9 foreign and Hungarian speakers and 8 panelists and and was attended by nearly 200 political leaders, business leaders and urbanist experts from Hungary and from abroad.



What We Do

SME development

The BEA has microfinanced and mentored over 500 SMEs through the course of its history and is mentoring 60+ today with the goal of developing the economy of Budapest.

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EU projects

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