Elindult a jelentkezés a STATION F-be, a világ legnagyobb inkubátorházába, ahol nem csak startupok kapnak majd helyet, hanem a megrendelő multik, cégek is, és egy teljes innovációs ökoszisztéma épül.


Jelentkezés: STATION F

A STATION F közleménye:

Startups, you can now apply to join STATION F

That’s right, you read that correctly! Just under 1,000 startups from around the world have contacted us wondering how they can get access to the biggest startup campus in the world. Well, we’re pleased to announce that STATION F applications are finally OPEN. 

Our core belief is that 90% of entrepreneurs’ problems can be solved by other entrepreneurs. That’s why everything we offer on campus is entrepreneur-approved and recommended. No bullshit mentors, no babysitting, no mandatory workshops.

Early-stage startups: if you want to be part of a program that’s 100% entrepreneur-validated, apply now to join our Founders Program.

Applications will close February 5, 2017 but we encourage you to apply soon before we fill up! 24/7-access desks cost €195/desk/month for the full-time program.

More info and virtual reality tour of the campus on our website

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