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List of previous projects
Project name & Reference Number Funding programme Period (start and end date) Website Short description
Visegrad Fund; Business Problems Interactive Web Portal, 22210127 Visegrad Fund 01/07/2022 –31/12/2023 Within the framework of V4 Programme, “Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Research”, the project aims to create and support new cluster networks by creating effective conditions for close cooperation between academia and businesses both in Georgia and V4 countries. The result of the project will be an Interactive Web Portal with elements of the Web 4.0 to help Start-ups and SME’s with starting and running their businesses in order to gain sustainable and long-lasting business to be competitive with more developed countries with longer entrepreneur history and supportive culture.
Interreg Europe CRAFTS CODE; PGI05964 Interreg Europe 1.08.2019- 31.07.2023 https://projects2014-2020.interregeurope.eu/craftscode/ The aim of the project is to help the craft SMEs to improve their value on the market by enhancing their competitiveness. The main activities include monitoring progress in the implementation of the action plan, including the organization of a project meeting between partners to exchange information on implementation progress, communication and dissemination, and management and coordination activities. Budapest Enterprise Agency has its own subproject under the CRAFTS CODE which is connected to the ‘Competitive Central-Hungary Operational Programme’
Erasmus+ EUROSTART; 2017-1-IE01-KA202-025678 Erasmus+ 1.11.2017- 31.12.2019 https://eurostart-project.eu One of the goals of the ET 2020 strategy was the development of entrepreneurial competencies. The EuroSTART project was created to achieve this goal. It supported startups and entrepreneurs as its main target group. The main objective of the project was the development of management skills, which are the main challenge for business people. As a result, the participants in the project acquire the knowledge and skills with which they were able to strengthen their business activities. The project was also intended for organizations that deal with adult education and vocational training, or they are interested in the development of startups and businesses and in this way contribute to the stimulation of economic activities. The EuroSTART project offered a new type of online training opportunity specifically for startups.
ESIL – EBN; GA 727812 – ESIL EBN P1:

1.05.2018 – 31.10.2018


1.11.2018 – 30.11.2019

https://www.europeanesil.eu The ESIL was an EU-funded initiative that connected networks of business angels and crowdfunders across Europe with a focus on developing and expanding the angel investment and crowdfunding scene in Europe, and on increasing cross-border investment between European countries, ESIL connected the leading investors across Europe.
Interreg SKHU CBC EYES 2.0; SKHU/1601 Interreg Europe 1.09.2017- 30.04.2019 http://bvk.hu/eyes/ The specific aim of the SKHU EYES project was to make the Slovakian-Hungarian border region a more cohesive and competitive one by improving employment opportunities and supporting institutional and people to people cooperation. As a result of the project, young people were encouraged to start their own business on both sides of the Slovakian-Hungarian border. Several cross-border events were organised including competitions for startups and innovative project idea owners in order to reach a critical mass of youth and to develop their entrepreneurial spirit and skills.
Visegrad Fund V4 Standard EYES; ID21620274 Visegrad Fund 01.10.2016 – 30.09.2017 The main aim of the EYES was the promotion of the V4 co-operation opportunities by exchanging of good practices and experiences in developing emerging young entrepreneurs in the V4 countries with the help of innovative business development models (3D platform included). This was the idea to implement a complex out of the box education method which could be multiplicated in all V4 countries and beyond. Stakeholders and civil society contributed as well in order to reach critical mass of youth.